Sunday 25 July 2010

High Praise Indeed

"Fuck me you still alive? Do the decent thing top your fucking self do everyone including your family if you have one a favourecrain" -- Anonymong

Hasn't the mindless hypocrite Obo given up in the face of his losing argument against KingBingo?

Joy to read this. Obo coming unstuck off the rails, soon to get derailed into a bush at any given moment.

Obo - the man who slams Boaty & D on the basis that we allegedly pretend to monopolise libertarianism. Yet his own narrow dogmatic view of libertarianism is presented as anarchism, and furthermore, fact, on his site.

Obo - the man who said we were wrong about blog censorship and the prerogative of private blog site / property owners, but who went ahead and took the same line as we did regarding 'a very public sociologist'.

Obo - the man who slams me for using ad hominems and cognitive dissonance in my arguments, yet when it comes to being challenged on here, he is the first to pile out the rampant abuse (noted by King bingo)

Obo - The man who belittles Boaty & D on the basis we blog war and hunt for stats, when it is in fact he who writes endless shit stirring articles about us and others to get attention.

Unbridled hypocrite. Absolute shameless charlatan. No wonder you and your Country Cunt pals like Anna, DK, Bella, CF etc etc all pull together. All in your cosy little bottom right hand corner of the political spectrum, making out like your way is the true way.

Oh, wait, we are the 'keepers', aren't we. Yes, of course. Us who dare to have a slightly different optinion...and say it on a blog!

HAHAHAHA! Expooooosed!" -- John Demetriou

@jackofkent @Obotheclown is not as funny as he thinks he is ;)" -- @marksany

Look @obotheclown insulting you's like insulting a lump of wood in an orange wig." -- @SimonMagus

@obotheclown @jackofkent - Oy. Obo. You're a wind instrument." -- @ashleyfrieze

@jackofkent I refuse to believe @obotheclown is a lawyer. Seems more likely he's just a, well, arse. His tweets bring nothing to the table." -- @ManiacFive

@jackofkent but why would you ever want to insult such a cute friendly clown? I mean just look @obotheclown's little face!! Sweet!!!" -- @silv24

@obotheclown All hail Lord Xenu. The all-knowing. The all-merciful. And stuff like that." @ScepticLetters

@obotheclown Does being a libertarian just mean that you swear a lot?" -- @foster63

@jackofkent @obotheclown? Foul-mouthed in avatar & output, one hardly knows whether to wash out the tedious creature's mouth or file it down" -- @HildegardP

@obotheclown Your qualifications as a nutritionist are the subject of some controversy." -- @BobDotStone

@jackofkent I'm not sure that @obotheclown is worth insulting. Or following." -- @anne_f_

@jackofkent @obotheclown's mum wishes he was the cum she swallowed. (things I'll do for a free book...)" -- @Gaijinsan21

@jackofkent @obotheclown Lick my gash" -- @MsGoodhew

@jackofkent @obotheclown is a piss poo bum wanking man who has shit on his shoe's so is a shitty shoe bastard!!!" @shedleveller

@obotheclown You're the most mealy-mouthed, wimpish, cowardly excuse for a man I've ever met - no backbone! <----Will that do @jackofkent ?" -- Pam Nash

@obotheclown Are u a player of the pink oboe? #blame@jackofkent" @theglorymill

"@jackofkent @obotheclown is a buggy-eyed plum.
" @steand

"@obotheclown you fucking Labour voter @jackofkent"
-- Mr Civil Libertarian

"You have my word I'm done here, never to return, I'll leave the last word to you. " -- Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

""Oh and if you must put my name on your blog, do try and spell it correctly clown: Hoffmann, rather than Hoffman."" -- Daniel Hoffman-Gill

"Do you understand now?

Or do I have to keep making you look stupid as you bluster along?" -- Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

"Or are so puffed up with sycophancy that you believe your opinion holds greater sway than anyone else's?

Good grief, pull yourself together man, you're all at sea here." -- Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

"Must try harder clown.

Your bitterness is leaking out of you, poor sad sack." -- Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

"I know this fact is hard for your bruised ego to grasp but do try and keep up boy, you're slipping so far behind with your feeble efforts that I've lapped you a few times too many.

I thought you were a wit?

All you can muster is playground efforts utterly at odds with reality.

How disappointing you are." -- Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

"I extend the same thought to your musings on the levels of irony and humour in my ripostes, I think you'll find that a lot of comedy is all about sides, just as you find your sycophants attacks highly accurate and amusing, the same cannot be said when the attacks are carried out on you. Not much of a surprise there.

I can see you're quite desperate to be right. Well rejoice! For in your own mind, you will always be so, as for the wider world, well, who cares about that? Leave that to me." -- Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

"Your silly and desperate aspersions are at odds with the truth, which is fine but you do know you're looking awfully envious and clumsy?

Is this all you've got?" -- Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

"@RantinRab not really. in obo, i feel the last gasps of a loser blogger on the slide, pretending to have principles where he has none" -- John Demetriou

"@obotheclown "That boat looks ludicrously topheavy" thats what your mum last said when she saw your face." -- John Demetriou

"@obotheclown just thought id say you are a horrid, contemptuous, repellant, pointless,arrogant little cunt. Fuck you."
-- John Demetriou

"But in the meantime, if really you want someone to blame for me quitting Twitter, please go and blame @obotheclown.

He just wasn't funny enough..." -- Jackoff Cunt


"Fuck off Obo your a boring cunt and your blogs crap." -- Anonymong

"You are an ass" -- Irfan Ahmed

"You got soft and sold out and now you are on a poxy list ..that you have wrapped around your slight reaching phallus and have been stroking with it all day." -- Oleuanna

"Your boring,much prefer Old Holborn or Dick Puddlecote." -- Anonymong

"You really are an absolute CUNT!" -- Obnoxio is a borin twat

"At least I try. Your 'points', when you bother to enunciate them, are so hidden and nuanced amidst the usual 3 line shite you churn out about random nonsense, one could be forgiven for thinking you and your blog aren't that political.

There you go, stick that in your 'high praise indeed' section and titter about the irritation you cause your interlocutors." -- John Demetriou

"Obo is the voice of reason in the debate!

This should cause some heavy thinking by all of us

Flying pigs / hell freezing over, well yeah, but Obo 'sweet reason' the clown

Sweet Jesus!" -- Sanity Check

"fuck you too, you foul-mouthed porridge wog! try staying in your own country if you can't stand the heat in ours!" -- Anonymong

"I'll then gloat about it on the net like a cunt for a couple of days and prove my amazing blogging worth by posting little YouTube clips of other people talking on something random and obscure. Or even reproducing quirky little pictures with cool captions for people to muse over." -- John Demetriou

"a plain old boring techy cunt with a piss poor lame arse excuse for a blog" -- John Demetriou

"Obo is neither right wing nor a Libertarian" -- John Demetriou, referring to this.

"did the fleshlight dump you again....?" -- oleuanna


"Fucking chav!" -- Anonymous

"So, you're not really a 'Libertarian' after all then, are you ?

Just a knobhead who thinks its clever to use a lot of swear words on his blog.

Prick." -- Anonymous person, upset about my failure to praise the BNP

"you xenophobic twat" -- oleuanna

"You're a mother-fuckin' douche bag, NOX. ... You fucking pathetic loser." -- CathyG

"Obo is not exactly welcome in the blogosphere (or the LPUK) anymore, and I DO mean not welcome, so expect the same from him. Best of luck to anyone who takes over his blog. Last I heard, he is being hunted like a dog, and certainly not by me. " -- Old Holborn

"I have n’t accessed Longrider’s blog since reading you suggestion on there of sticking a broken bottle up Jacqui Smith’s vagina" -- DBC Reed

"You really need to trash the stupid, inane and pointelessly combative comments made by the likes of obnoxio. To become a forum for public debate - and to help Labour win - you need to create a generally convivial atmosphere, and certainly one in which intelligent argument has a chance of winning rather than the foulmouthed and unthinking mudslinging of these idiots." -- unidentified poster at

"Obnoxio and his potty mouth, this is indeed the same as the Nazis and their suppression of public debate" -- Timmy

"Fuck this theatrical gayness." -- Salted Slug


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

You could paper the walls with it.

Anonymous said...

Toilet paper! I'm sure your programming ability is up to inserting some dotted lines.......

SorenK said...


Tyburn said...

They really love you!

Fascist Hippy said...

How dare you have a different opinion to these imbeciles, you can tell from their comments they are really sensitive types, you have probably hurt their feelings by disagreeing with them.

I bet you're sorry now,

Don't be... Fuck them!

B&D are supermen and by quoting them I merely seek to bask in their reflected glory. said...

"Obo - The man who belittles Boaty & D on the basis we blog war and hunt for stats, when it is in fact he who writes endless shit stirring articles about us and others to get attention."

This is wondrous. They 'blog war' (how fucking old are they?) and they 'hunt for stats' (seriously, how fucking old are they?), then they suggest that when you abuse them, usually by no more than reprinting their own inane words, that is an attempt to 'get attention'.

This is perhaps the weakest point ever made by anyone anywhere. Basically they are so popular/famous/super-awesome that to take the piss out of them is a by definition a shallow attempt to gain attention!! Oh to live of planet B&D

BTW, I just wrote this comment to get attention. There is no possible way I could actually think them twats. Its all for the stats.

Just Woke Up said...

Lovin' it! Your leave a wake of devastation behind you.

How often do I visit the D&B blog.....ermm...who are they?