Saturday, 31 January 2009

Give him your support!

Via Timmy, this:

I just got off the phone with some of the people who are occupying Nottingham University over the crisis in Gaza. There has been an effort to turf them out, with the power turned off (they got it back on after a while), and a couple of suits representing the Vice Chancellor visiting the occupation to threaten the students with disciplinary action. It is not entirely clear at the moment what the university can do, but given that other occupations have registered some success so far, one would hope for the students to prevail. 'Pete' explained to me what the students would like people to do:

"We have a petition that we are producing which we would like people to sign, so they should check the website for this. We would appreciate messages of support, especially if people could send them to us [] and the Vice Chancellor [] at the same time

So, I figured it might be amusing to send a message of support to the Vice Chancellor of the Uni instead, copying in the cunts doing the occupying. Here is my humble effort:


I believe a bunch of posturing idiots have occupied university property in some kind of deranged attempt to attract attention to the Gaza crisis, because, of course, it hasn't dominated the news sufficiently.

Well, I'd like to say that as a taxpayer, I hope you will sling these pompous, overweening fuckwits out on the street as soon as possible. Failing which, if you would care to place them in stocks on the front steps so that we can all come round and throw rotten fruit, eggs and jagged boulders at them for wasting our money, not only on the subsidies we give them, but on the subsidies we give to people who want to study but now cannot.

Since I'm sure that in this limp-wristed age of pandering to the idiotic there will be no such option available to you, I can only offer my fervent hope that all these cunts simultaneously contract face cancer and die lingering deaths.

Yours, etc.

I urge you to offer your support to him too! :o)


Oldrightie said...

2.45 million Muslim residents in The UK these days. Might not be an issue soon!

The Penguin said...

Dear Sir,

It has been brought to my attention that your university is currently afflicted by a ludicrous and disruptive occupation by some deluded students.

When one considers the wondrous track record of fundamental Islamists concerning the education of women, not to mention cutting their genitalia to try and stop them
enjoying sex, and the way that Hamas have tried to bring all the benefits of the 8th century to the people of Gaza whilst hiding their cowardly militia activities in Schools, I have to say
I am a little surprised that these students of yours are not better informed and cannot find something better to do.

Please have the goodness to expel these cretins from your university. They are obviously unworthy of further education.

To do anything else would be wasting taxpayers money.

Yours truly,

The Penguin.

JuliaM said...


Sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Perhaps they'd like to do some cleaning while they're at it. I could supply the bleach...

Dennis said...

The horror!

The horror!

Exterminate all the brutes!

Anonymous said...

A group of similarily deluded leftie ego-masturbating cunts occupied the Law fac here in Cambridge. Luckily a resolution of support for them was overwhelmingly voted down at an extraordinary open meeting of the Student Union. Then the Proctors confiscated all their food and the University threatened them with legal action. Oh, and there was a student run facebook petition against them.

They folded in six days.

Harrithebastard said...

Obo .. Have some pity for fucks sake? if i was in Nottingham i would be a tad pissed off too, its a crap hole, take one wrong turn there and you are well and truly fucked.

It was a shithole when i had the bastard misfortune to work there , and its a shit hole now.

Window Licker said...

"Oh, and there was a student run facebook petition against them. "

Terror tactics. Scary, imagine having a facebook vendetta against you.

Zak said...

Useless jihadi cunts. If they wanted to help save the world they could do a lot worse than 'occupy' Nottingham-based Experian.

Experian is everything that is wrong with the world - the corporate database statist system.

Experian is corrupt - they rent Lords - and they will have a huge part to play in the National ID Register.

Harrass this company - make it as unfashionable to work for as HLS.

The Penguin said...

I'm mortified. Neither the Chancellor nor the Students have replied to my e-mail. Rude cunts.

The Penguin.

Chalcedon said...


Rustication. Send the bastards down. Like this will make one iota of difference anway.