Monday, 26 January 2009

Informix Roundup: 26 Jan 2009

New feature writeup.

UK Informix boot camp in April.

JDBC basics.

Ex-Informixer gets a name check.

4GL job in Bahrain. I like Bahrain, it's seedy and corrupt. :o)

Data Test Analyst job.


DaveA said...

Obnoxio, for someone who is barely literate, I would of thought putting together a little test plan would defeat you after 10 minutes.

On Informatica, (not pansie Informix) what is the format of a repository file and what is the minimum number of breakdown points required to run a debug session?

If you feel brave, what kind of database transactions (meaning, insert, update, delete) can be performed on the dynamic lookup cache in version 6.x.

A beer if you can answer these questions.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Like I could care about Informatica. :o)

DaveA said...

Got some nice Informatica jobs going in the Middle East. I work in IT recruitment and specialise in Informatica. My bother was a Sybase Product Architect. He designed Sybase v10 and 11 from a performance and connectivity point of view.

The brains went to him in my family.

The purpose of this post is fun not business, so instead of thinking of Harman, Blears and Jowell go and have a wank over the Standard Engine or if you must the Dynamic Server Express.