Sunday, 15 February 2009

Why British people are so animal-friendly

I think they'd be less so if they had to contend with these sorts of things. Or these.


Chalcedon said...

Obo, these animals are OK. And the twat was wrong about the Thylacine. It's closest relative is the Tasmanian Devil, a carnivorous wombat.

Truly disturbing animals are things like the guinea worm, liver flukes and various other large parasites. UGH!!! Vile things (shudder).

two bob millionaire said...

After a week of messy ones and changing my underpants ,flora & fawna spring to mind?lord helmet and his new world order bacteria are gonna get the shower of zyklon lux,the king crabs are clean and george the cocky can be born free and enjoy the weekend with his family?
At least they´re not in cages?
tarzan´s(Jonny weismuller) cheetah turned 76 this month?
not a lot of people know that

nbc said...

You think they're scary? How about Chancellor Cat?

wv: horoona