Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Call Me Dave takes firm and decisive action!

Here we go:

  1. Gove to pay back £7,000 for furniture; Alan Duncan will pay back £5,000 for gardening; Maude and Lansley won't claim for homes in London; among others.
  2. The Tories will set up a panel to scrutinise all expense claims.
  3. All shad cab expense claims will be published online as and when they're made.
  4. Tory MPs will be banned from flipping.
  5. Tory MPs will be banned from claims for furniture, overnight stays and food.

Wow, that's really compelling, isn't it?

£12,000 back to the taxpayer out of millions swiped; some people won't claim for London homes in future (but won't pay back what they've already had); no backbenchers will have to publish their claims; no paying back the money made from flipping; no repayment of dodgy furniture, stay or food claims. No punishment, just a token "we'll pay back a few quid and won't do it again."

Fucking hell. And compared to the Gorgon, Dave IS actually being firm and decisive.

The motherfucker of all parliaments, indeed!


Anonymous said...

Dave's limpdicked actions aren't even down a sidestreet two miles away from an area fairly near the ballpark compared to what's really required.
Now we know Cameron has no bollocks.
And all Brown now has to do is sack someone and he's out on top.
A Tory chance blown.

Chalcedon said...

LMFAO...........motherfucker of all parliaments indeed. You got that right. Dave makes a token gesture but it is a FUCK sight more than McBroon has done apart from say a sort of sorry. As Mr. Royle might say "my arse!".

Excuse me whilst I have a chandelier hung...........oh, and I can think of at least 640 other things (there are some decent ones) that need hanging too.

Anonymous said...

Thieving cunts.
The lot of them.

Anonymous said...

emerson lake & palmer summed the fuckers up toccata part 1

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who finds it amusing how some sections of the right were so easily pleased by the half-hearted measures that Cameron has introduced?
What's he really done?
Penalised 8 shadow cabinet members who have to pay back a mere fraction of what they've swindled out of us.
...that's about it...
It doesn't matter that Cameron has been tougher than Brown - the problem is that unless someone gets very tough indeed then things are just going to have a consensual line drawn under them and it'll be business as usual with a slight loss of pecuniary freedom.
If heads rolled then we'd all see who meant real business.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

SS, I am ANYTHING but amused. The Tory bloggers have shown themselves to be just as tribal and pathetic as LabourLost.

Anonymous said...

Obo - I'm trying to get a laugh out of anything over the last few days. If I didn't I think I'd have to ask my GP for heavier doses of BP meds...
It's been a cunt of a week for British politics.
LOL - WV is 'defib'.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Don't you mean "Alan Dindan"?

There's a simple answer to this - just vote for anybody but your sitting MP (unless he or she is in the small minority who weren't taking the piss, e.g. Kelvin McKenzie).

Anonymous said...

@Mark Wadsworth

Kelvin Hopkins.
As he seems to be about the straightest guy in the Commons we need to get his name right...at this rate he could end up being PM.

Old Bag said...

im with GOT..they are all theiving cunts, no matter what party. at least "hug a hoodie" is doing something to sort his piggies out whilist gordoom is sat with his thumb up his ass.

Anonymous said...

It might not be enough, in fact it's certainly not enough, but he is a tad limited as to what he can do given the parlimentary system we have. Should he eviscerate the Tory party?

As you say his half-hearted step makes Gordon look a complete tit, which really shows where Gordon is coming from.

Did anyone else notice Gordon's apology was for 'the events of the last few days'? He's apologising for the leak, not the corrupt troughing.

It's almost incomprehensible how out of touch Gordon Brown is.