Saturday, 16 May 2009

I'm now a Chaytor hater

Last night when I fell asleep, I didn't even know who David Chaytor was, today I want him strung up from a lamp post. Today I know that he is another hallowed and honourable representative of the people who didn't notice that his mortgage was paid off.

Three things:

  1. How fucking useless are you not to notice your mortgage was paid off?
  2. Would you trust anyone whose services you paid for if they were that incompetent? Or lied that big a whopper, if that is what he did?
  3. They. Are. All. At. It. We are only seeing the big-ticket, most egregious examples. I am still willing to put down money that says that more than half of them have a claim that would get you or me fired (unless you are an MP, of course!)

Utter bastarding cunts.


Fidothedog said...

I just hate them all, should I try even a fraction of the fraud these bastards do I would hauled up before a judge in record time.

Chalcedon said...

No-one makes such a mistake. For one thing, once it is paid off, you get a little document called the title deeds, a doc you have been slaving to pay for for 25 years. You do not forget this when you receive it. Usually because you place it in a safe at the office where your lawyer resides or in a safe deposit box or in the secret hidey hole only you know about.

Mitch said...

Surely he would claim the small fee to retrieve the deeds on expenses thereby blowing his excuse to shit.