Friday, 15 May 2009

It's just a few bad apples ...really!

So, we have "car crash" interviews from those caught troughing, Labour sleazed up to its collective edballs, Tories dredging moats. Cometh the hour, cometh the Clegg?

Er, no:

This really could have been the Liberal Democrats’ moment. With the two main parties hobbled by the scale of the abuse of the MPs’ allowance system, Nick Clegg should have been perfectly positioned to hold his head high as the leader of a party of moral purity. But it’s not been quite so simple. Although the Lib Dem misdemeanors revealed by the Telegraph are characteristically less colourful than those of their political rivals, the party has no claim to be whiter-than-white. Senior Liberal Democrats who urged the leadership to take a tough line on those caught abusing the system have been asked to remain silent for the sake of party unity. ‘I was told not to rock the boat,’ one said this week.

They. Are. All. At. It.

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Paul said...

Hence there's literally no-one to vote for.

I'll be voting UKIP this time as a protest vote but other than that I can't see many options.