Friday, 15 May 2009

Two thousand words

From PoliticsHome:


Anonymous said...

I work on software which aims to keep NHS doctors from killing too many people.

Currently something like 6% (down from 11%) of presentations at hosptital are as a result of prescribing errors.

If the plebs knew how bad the NHS really was ...

Anonymous said...

But we are always told how wonderful the police are (by the police).

Anonymous said...


And Doug Carswell (whom I'm coming to view as part of the problem).

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was a bit obscure.

I'm really concerned that efforts to clean up parliment end up creating genuine, real, legitimate democratic control of all aspects of society. Then we'd all be fucked.

What I want isn't "doing more with less" but doing very little with very little". Honesty, accountabilty and legitamcy don't matter when goverment doesn't matter.

I studied the Soviet CP and the KGB in some detail and came away shocked to realise that mostly they were allmost all straight up, committed true belivers. The Nazis where simmilarly righteous.

Goverment by the good is even more scary than goverment by the greedy.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I don't think Carswell is that bad, he just wants a government that does a very few things well ... which is what any good minarchist wants.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think Carswell is that bad,"

What DC wants is to for MP's to have real. actual power in legitimate power structures. Legitimate power strutures - because they are not corrupt and because they genuinely Democratic and because they are nor overruled by trans-national authority. - but power structures.

It's these political power structures I want to go away. I just want it all done with markets. The evidence of human history is that this actually works and the evidence is that central direction by politicians however honest, and however stringent the inspection region is (even if they shoot people) doesn't work.

This is of course why I describe myself as a market anarchist and have no friends. Because I even hate the good guys. They are the very worst, seeking to make a corrupt system more efficient.

John Demetriou said...

Good piece, nicely researched.

Your site is informative and entertaining, even if you are a bit of a cunt bag.


keep up the good work, clown.

Johnny D.

Leg-iron said...

Was there a slot 15?

Some of us want to know if the public rate anything or anyone lower than parliament.

I can't think of anything.

Paul said...

Parliament even more unpopular than the EU?!

That's quite some feat is that.