Friday, 15 May 2009

Great, knockabout stuff

... just a pity about the timing, really:

Please use this reply in full. I’m sorry I can’t comment further as I’m off to a seminar on “Cleaning and Maintaining your Moat.”

Contrite? Him?

(It is quite a funny letter though and I do encourage you to read the whole thing.)

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Anonymous said...

It's funny. But.

The one thing that I cannot get past is that they seem to think it's justified - that they should get all this shit (lawns mowed, plasma tellys, choclate santas, etc); that - in some sense - it's perfectly all right. Yes, some people go to far; the flippers and the fiddlers; but so long as your not one of those it's ok to live high on the public purse.

I can't get my security shutters paid for. Or ride down the central lane of the motorway in my Zill. I don't get a dacha. Fuck Mitchell funny or not, he's a party member and an appartchic.