Saturday, 6 June 2009

I wonder if Trixy will give up on bananaman now?

It really was a disgraceful display of cowardice:

If David Miliband quit as Foreign Secretary it would have been over. But the Boy Wonder showed as much courage as he did last summer.

That is to say: none. He was easily bought off by Mandy’s promises. He stayed put, and let his friend Purnell wander alone to the wilderness.

He's the most cowardly little fuck out there.

Apart from Gordon, of course.

Mind you, they're all shameful little fucking cowards, aren't they?



The Oncoming Storm said...

I hate Miliband even more than I hate Brown. The little twat has had 3 chances to challenge Brown, he could have ended it all on Thursday night but he completely bottled it!

He seems to think that it's better for Brown to lead Labour to defeat so he can take over in the aftermath. What the little fuckwit does realize is that Labour are going to be so utterly pulverized and loathed that the Tories are likely to be in power not just for the next decade but probably for nearly all of the following one!

Serves the little eunuch right!

The Penguin said...

Anyone got a strong enough stomach to complete the roll of shame over at my blog?

The Penguin.

Chalcedon said...

Amen, Bro. They are indeed cowards. By their actions ye will judge them.

CJ Nerd said...

On Friday night, ie 5th June, I did a double-take when someone on BBC News said something like "Gordon Brown faces a difficult and dangerous day tomorrow".

I thought at the time it was just as well he was going to meet some D-Day veterans in Normandy the next morning. He could explain to them what a difficult and dangerous day he was living through.