Saturday, 6 June 2009

Lessons have been learned

Yep. Clearly, after the horror of Baby P, they have:

A seven-year-old girl kept prisoner by her mother and mother's partner died after being starved for weeks or months, a court has heard.

Khyra Ishaq died of an infection, Birmingham Crown Court was told.

Prosecutors allege it was murder because the couple intended to cause Khyra serious harm.

Khyra's mother Angela Gordon, 34, and Junaid Abuhamza, 30, both of Leyton Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, deny murdering Khyra on 17 May last year.

Jurors have been told UK doctors had rarely seen such a severe case of malnutrition.

Khyra's body mass index at the time of her death was so low that it did not register on available medical charts, the court was told.

Jesus. Or Mohammed, by the sounds of it.

The court heard a lock had been fitted high up on the kitchen door to keep Khyra, and five other children in the care of the couple, away from the food in the home.


Mr Raggatt said if the children were caught stealing food they were made to stand outside in the cold, beaten with a cane, or made to overeat until they were sick.


Jurors were told that Khyra's life changed after her natural parents split up and Ms Gordon and Mr Abuhamza became a couple.

My flabber is ghasted. A mother turned into a complete vicious bitch after meeting up with a Mr Abuhamza, treated her kids like shit?

Khyra was removed from school and Miss Gordon refused to admit visitors to the house - including school staff and police a short time later.


Looks like those lessons have been learned better than ever, really.


JuliaM said...

That you can keep a seven year old child well away from the authorities long enough to starve it to death beggars beli...

Oh, what's that you say? Junaid Abuhamza, hmmm...

Nope, nothing to see here. Move along!

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Give them some of that Sharia stuff they seem to want so badly.

sobers said...

When will we learn that the most dangerous environment for a young child is that of single mother shacked up with her current 'boyfriend'? Every time you hear about these cases the childs father has been erased from the picture, either by choice, or by State dictat.

Social services should not allow single mothers to co-habit with men who are not the fathers of her children until those men have been suitably screened. It is also weird that no one points out that while more men are child abusers/murderers, more mothers are involved in the abuse/murder of their own children than blood fathers.

Perhaps the State should force parents to live together 'for the sake of the children' if only to stop Mummy's new boyfriend from abusing/killing the kids (often with her consent too it seems).

manc_ill_kid said...

From the Telegraph article about the same:-
Neighbours reported hearing children screaming in the night and cries of "let me out, let me out", the jury was told.

One, Amandeep Kaur, saw a distressed Khyra six weeks before she died, standing outside in the early hours of the morning wearing a vest and pants, and whimpering. She later told police: "I couldn't really see any meat on her, it was all bones".

Another reported seeing her in her back garden near the bird table looking "thin and very much underfed".

Begging the question, why didn't the neighbours kick down the door and save the child.

What happened to personal responsibility?

SaltedSlug said...

Obo, Mrs Slug hears about dead kids every other week. So long as there's scum breeding, their kids are in for a rough time. And there are LOTS of them breeding; known and unknown to the social.

And anecdotal evidence would suggest that most social workers have shit for brains. I would suggest this is because no-one of merit wants the job, because it is deeply shit.

Anyway you paint it, these kids are fucked.

Re: Everything sobers said.
See above, and think REALLY hard about how much power you wish to give these geniuses.

What happened to personal responsibility?

You try hoofing a door in and see if the law is on your side.

Anonymous said...

'When will we learn that the most dangerous environment for a young child is that of single mother shacked up with her current 'boyfriend'?'

That is proper daft shite. Come on, how often does this happen? Does it really warrant a national boyfriend screening service?

Anonymous said...

"That is proper daft shite. Come on, how often does this happen? Does it really warrant a national boyfriend screening service?"
It would be nice if we could ask Peter C and this poor child their opinion on the subject along with the rest of these poor kids who suffer at the hands of these men.
As for the authorities not being allowed in the fucking house how many times have we heard this crap? From Jasmine Beckford till now these scumbags don't work so they have no pressing engagements to keep and as we the taxpayer are paying the rent they shouldm't have much say in the matter. Just boot the door down I would rather help pay for the repair than another child die.

SaltedSlug said...

Won't someone please think of the children?

Dave H said...

..."refused to admit visitors to the house - including school staff and police..."

I was under the impression that refusing to admit police would eventually lead to them forcing their way in.

FFS they can shoot you without a fuckin' warrant.

sobers said...

@anonymous8:42 said: "That is proper daft shite. Come on, how often does this happen? Does it really warrant a national boyfriend screening service?"

Statistically, the most likely scenario for a child to be abused is that of mother living with a man who not her childs blood father. Child abuse is thankfully fairly rare. But if a certain type of household makeup provides a massive increase in risk for children, is it not reasonable to suggest taking more precautions over allowing such households to form in the first place?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I must admit, I find the idea of being screened on the basis sobers outlines rather horrid.

Once you get past a certain age, it's extremely rare to find a girlfriend who doesn't come with "baggage". And I did once date a woman with kids of a similar age, one of whom, I am quite certain, had a birthmark of "666" about his person.

But I would never have dreamed of telling her to chain the little bastard to the wall of the loft and let him starve to death, even though I think the world will come to hate me for my compassion in years to come.

I would like to lay out a different way of addressing the problem. It's quite clear to me that the mother was the real villain of the piece, who clearly only had her kids as a means of extorting money from the taxpayer.

Do away with child benefits and bad mothers will be far less inclined to have kids they don't want. It will be cheaper and more effective than tripling the budget for social services and all the invasive, civil-rights-annihilating screening.

I'm not saying it will do away with the problem, but it will greatly reduce it and it will be a lot cheaper and easier.

Rob said...

I read somewhere that a child is three times more likely to be abused by a 'boyfriend' rather than the blood-father.

I sense a racial angle here, in that social services and police were so shit scared of being branded racists that they backed off.

SaltedSlug said...

The Social Workers who Mrs Slug wrangles for a living, often don't intervene because of a couple of reasons:

a) Not have the common-sense that god gave goats.

b) Being scared of confrontation (can't say I blame them - have you seen some these fuckers?)

c) Utter absence of support from team leaders/senior managers

d) Lack of comms between agencies. i.e NHS not talking to Police not talking to Child services.

e)Being incredibly stupid and/or naive.

Oh and the whole not-natural-father thing is a big deal statistically. Young single mums are magnets for category A offenders, often from a different area - which is often another issue: Councils not talking to each other. But this way lies database state; 'tis a slippery slope.

We can mitigate these problems by several means, not least sorting out welfare (like Obo mentioned) and by making the relevant agencies markedly less shit, but elements of our society are fundamentally damaged and there will be no quick fix.

Anonymous said...

I'm the original 'daft shiter'. I don't want to sound completely compassionless but you can't legislate and regulate crime and suffering out of existence, it's just not possible.

I think it would be a complete waste of time asking Peter C. If I could use the power of the state to have a nationwide crackdown to find the fucker that stole my bike I'd be tempted to say yes. On the other hand though I would find it over the top to have an 8:00am shakedown by the police, every single morning, as they turn my house over checking my possessions against an inventory of stolen goods.

It precisely this type of knee-jerk reaction that the government plays upon to roll out ID Cards etc and on that point, the authorities had all the info they needed but didn't do anything with it. What would be different with any other programme they run?

Anonymous said...

I'm the original 'daft shiter'.
Is that a fact? Sorry to hear about the bike eveb sorrier to hear about kids being abused by their mothers boyfriends. One thing sometimes the authorities don't know the slag has a new man around the place because of how benefit works get more claiming single not as a couple. Also these women are usually inadequate socially and mentally they need a man any man as there lives have been fucked since the day she got fucked when she was 15. How to stop this cyxle of kids having kids? My suggestionis that when she first goes to the social she says she doesn't know who the father is as they will have to get him to donate some of his beer tokens for the next 18 years so instead we have to cough up. I would say to her absolutely no benefits at all until her amnesia improves and certainly no state funded housing. This way he will think twice about birth control when he has a leg over if he has to pay and some of these men believe me have kids all over the place. An added bonus is as sometimes the women don't know who the father is as in choose from this list so the kids certainly don't and in 15 years or so as they don't generally move far you have half brothers and sisters breeding. Something else to look forward to.

sobers said...

I like the idea of no benefits until the mother has a DNA proven father on the birth certificate. Might focus the though processes a bit, especially the male ones.

Ian B said...

All this handwringing is all very well but, people need to remember that-

You cannot create a system which will be 100% effective. It is like demanding an end to burglary, or murder, or rape. All worthy goals, but how can it be done?

If parents have some ownership of their children, then some small proportion of children will be harmed. If you entirely nationalised childhood, and took every child into state care, parents would not be able to abuse children, but then some children would be abused by state careworkers. On the other hand, if you retain parental care for children, but have stricter and stricter rules of preemptive intervention, then some children will be needlessly taken from their parents, which also currently happens.

No such system can be made foolproof or, particularly, evilproof. It would be nice if it were possible, but that is true also of a desire to end murder, burglary and rape.

Outrages will occur, as they always have. People will cry that something must be done, and say the system is broken, but any system will always be, to some degree, broken, just as the mere fact that men and women are allowed to become couples will ensure that some women will be beaten, murdered or raped by their partners.

You cannot have perfection. It can't be done. People really need to get their heads around this simple fact.

Chalcedon said...

Once again hanging, as in the long drop method, is too good for them. Turning off a ladder and a world record Tyburn jig is required. BASTARDS!

Chalcedon said...

You know when I heard of this I thought about the kicking the door in scenario. I'm not a hero, but fuck it, if I had head screaming and seen stick thin kids I would have done it regardless of moron plod and British 'justice'. Sometimes you just don't give a rat's ass. Just do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

All this handwringing is all very well but, people need to remember that-" What I do remember is that everyone of these children who have been harmed have been harmed by socially and mentally inadequate people on welfare, men and women. Without exception these children have been known to social services are "at risk" and on many occasions have been stopped by these people from seeing the kids "you can't come in, it's my right innit" No it fucking well isn't your right it might be if you were working and doing the best for the child but as you don't get up till 10 AM then watch Jeremy fucking Kyle but as you don't we are coming in and if not why not? I live abroad now thank fuck but when I was in the UK I had the misfortune to see both sides the scum who pump out these poor kids and the useless social workers who in my opinion are as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. For what its worth there are 2 ways of failing the social worker exam
1/ don't turn up


I just wish a load opted for no 2 gutless wankers all of them

RayD said...

I'm with Dave H on this one. How the fuck do you refuse the police entry and get away with it?

Anonymous said...

the fuck do you refuse the police entry and get away with it?"
Same reason dogs lick their balls because they can, these scum know the law better than some lawyers as they have been involved with it long enough. The police have either have to have a warrant or be invited in now if you had a kid black and blue with bruises would you invite them in? This is one of the results of social engineering giving kids who have kids a mealticket for life of benefits and free housing. Some time ago I reted a house to a woman who was third generation scum her mother never worked nor did her grandmother you will be pleased to hear that her 15 year old daughter is keeping the family tradition going by having one herself has had a kid. The woman who rented the house was 25 years old 3 kids 3 different fathers, free rent, no council tax free this that and the other and wait for it, a benefit advisor to let her know what she could claim for. She has never worked and can't afford to as I worked it out to get what she was getting on benefit she would have to earn at least £300 a week before tax(whats that?) hands up anyone who will employ a 25 year old school leaver on this sort of money.
You will have to excuse me now as I need a stiff drink and a lie down this is what happens when I think of it.