Thursday, 30 July 2009

Indoctrination: Epic Fail!

Oh dear, Trevor isn't going to be very popular with the right-on crowd for this:

I cannot stress strongly enough that I do not feel that I was rejected from Bristol because I am attending Westminster School, which, despite its substantial fees, honestly produces some of the most well-rounded, interesting and diverse people I have met. Admittedly, it is only when surrounded by large numbers of such individuals who are receiving more rejections than offers, that I have doubted the proficiency of the admissions process.

How very dare she! Standing up for private schools!? The shame! She then goes on to say:

Ultimately however, I have saved myself much frustration and self-criticism by adopting the view that while we may not always understand or agree with the universities' definition of a "desirable" candidate, we must place a degree of trust in those institutions at which we hope to pursue our education and develop our interests. Essentially it is the duty of universities such as Bristol to ensure that their departments remain attractive and accessible enough to continue drawing in as many as 1,500 applicants-a-year and they alone must take responsibility for judging the criteria by which they hope to achieve this.

Good grief! Trev, mate, you really need to take care of business at home, you're letting the side down.


Rob said...

The poor fella - so oppressed and downtrodden by The Man that he could only sent his child to Westminster School, fees £6542 (day) or £9448 (boarding) per term.

The Diversity business pays well, doesn't it? No wonder they are perpetually inventing more grievance.

Anonymous said...

I got into Bristol to do an M.Litt. It was ve'y okay-yah territory. Depends on the Dept & Faculty. Politics were a bunch of feminazi cunts. You may quote me on that.