Saturday, 4 July 2009


Jesus fuck cunt piss arseweasel goat-buggery shitfucks.

Why the cunting fuck do musicians think that putting some kind of beat or ambient warbling underneath one of Obamalamadingdong's fucking speeches is a viable bit of music? I listen to a lot of dance music and it seems that there is a whole fucking sub-genre of these lazy cock-sniffing felchmongers who think that the skinny cunt is some kind of messianic genius.

The fucker is reading from a cunting teleprompter, you indolent fuckpieces.

FUCKING STOP IT, OK? The cunt is a fucking politician, he's not going to make any thing better just because he's fucking half-black. He's not just a politician, either, he's a fucking Chicago machine politician, expecting him to do anything good is like expecting Gordon Brown to stop lying.

You piss-flap-faced fetid fuckfeatured fannybatters.


Mr Angry said...

Truth spoken! Obama is an evil shit!

JuliaM said...

That sore nipple is chafing, I take it.? ;)

JP said...

Nobody thinks he's a messianic genius; thanks to the BBC they all think he's God.

Mitch said...

Obama is gordon brown with a personality.Same stupid ideas,cant think on his feet and will spend the USA into the poor house.
Its kinda amusing that the USA replaced a war mongering idiot with a spendmongering idiot and so did we.

Joe Public said...

You're getting good value from your Swearathaurus

Barking Spider said...

It's not the musicians' fault - it's the twatty video studio cunts in post-production who choose the music and make such a pig's arse of it!

And I agree that Obama is another lefty cunt who is fucking useless without a prepared speech and has a serious God complex! The world needs to get over all the bullshit hype fast!

The Daily Retard said...

Damn! I thought I had it goin on with Obamoron, but you take it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! Great stuff, man!