Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Pikeys in taxis

Why do these cunts feel the need to share their life stories with me? Can't they just shut the fuck up? It's like being on the train with some loud-mouthed cuntweasel shouting at his fucking mobile.

Public transport sucks donkey cock.


Oleuanna said...

Imaginative heading and informative piece......was so worth the click...


Anonymous said...

Have you had the "My 100 best fights"? in a futile attempt to intimidate you. Tell them you are just out of Purdysburn (secure unit in Belfast).

Henry North London said...

I currently commute an hour and ten minutes each way to the netherlands of Ruislip in the morning. Not a single conversation usually, although yesterday had some prissy rich privileged toff, talking in posh tones wearing linen trousers next to me... on the way back

Felt like feeling him up just to stop him talking..

Henry North London said...
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Obnoxio The Clown said...

@oleuanna: would you like a refund?

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Belfast used to be the best, you'ld see them eyeing you in the mirror for a bit, then..

"Thess yerr forsssst tayme here?"

"No, been coming here for years"

"Yee'll remammber the troubles then?"

Sigh... "Yes"

"So, de ye thenk there'll be a united Ireland then?"

sigh.. "Do I look like I could give a fuck?"

And the rest of the journey was a breeze

(excuse my feeble attempt at an Ulster brogue, I was merely trying to recapture the moments in all their glory)

Anonymous said...

Fidel we may have been in different taxis! I affected a Yank twang on the Falls (I rarely went there) as i'd last longer than with my pukka Home counties tones. Best time was in '02 before we were knee deep in Polacks & Aleksandr & I got in. We are yakking away pa-rooski. We got reported to the paramilitaries as "not local".