Monday, 10 August 2009

Is such a thing even possible??

If it's true, I imagine a fair few Tories will be worried about an upswing in "scorched earth" policy over the next few months.

WHAT??????? Is it even possible for the monocular mentalist to fuck the country up more than he already has???


David Davis said...

Yup, it is possible, Obo.

In your admirably restrained moderation of your language, which you use to describe the know whats who enslave us in the name of governing, you continually forget that they are not ignorant inept c***s, but viscreally-wicked and astoundingly clever users of language and brain.

They can do worse to us, and now they will.

David Davis said...

I meant "viscerally"

Anonymous said...

viscreally sounds more creepy (like them), submit it to the OED.