Monday, 10 August 2009

Mandy reverts to type

While filled with loathing for the Ponce of Darkness, I think that as "Business Secretary" or whatever he was, he was a lot less dangerous than most Labour fuckwits. But now he's branching out of an area he knows, and he's come up with a cracking idea:

And now Mandy has apparently decided that university applicants from poor families should be given a two-grade "head start" to help them secure a place. A two grade head start for students who may very well then stuggle with their uni course... unless that too is dumbed down.
Well, I say "cracking idea", I actually mean "what the fuck, you dozy cunt, that ranks up there in the outer stratosphere for fucking weapons-grade moronic imbecility".

What has happened to the apparently sensible Mandy? He can't seriously believe this tosh, can he?


David Davis said...

Obo, Obo, old chap....

...get real.

His job, along with the rest of the Enemy-Class, __/is to f*** up the Universities/__ .

They /must do this thing/.

They can't have properly-educated thinkers, who not only know how to learn but can also think critically, coming up after them, now, can they.

Constantly Furious said...

I posted about this yesterday: Mandelson - All Shall Have Prizes.

You'll love the fact that there's a quote from the 'Head of Widening Participation' at one University. What the fuck is one of those?

But better yet, you'll love the quote itself, which summarizes brilliantly what's wrong with the Left. Get this:

"Treating everyone the same way is not appropriate and not equitable"

Fucking priceless.

cornyborny said...

Just when you think it can't get any worse - just when you think that the insane, cancerous, parasitical assemblage of criminals that rule over us must surely have exhausted their magic bag of idiotic notions - they manage to prove you wrong and outdo themselves. This atrocious scheme HAS to be thrown out; openly laughed at; shot to pieces in deserving contempt. Or we're fucked.

Socialists: you are clearly impossibly slow (as 100 years of catastrophy and failure seem not to have made you question, let alone abandon, your One True Way) so I'll type this bit slowly and in capitals.


I never had a fucking bean. Went to a bog-standard comprehensive. Entered uni on my own merit. Worked my ass off. Got stellar grades.

I'm sure there are lots just like me, and I bet you hate us, because we fuck up your worldview.

David Gillies said...

Widening access? Why the hell would anyone spend £25,000 a year to send their kids to a decent school if they were going to be surrounded at university by a bunch of feral pikeys off the local estate?