Wednesday, 2 September 2009

From the vaults (an occasional series) - Educashu, educashun, educashun

Tony 'The Lying Fucktard' Blair wrote:
Education, education, education

I've gone back and looked at some of the manifesto promises this cockmuncher has made about education. It's all fucking "money" this, "specialist school" that, and "IT literacy" the other.


My daughter is 9, and she hasn't been taught times tables by rote. It's a fucking basic building block of knowledge. Her reading is pathetic (I think, anyway) and yet she's near the top of her class in literacy and maths. I know she's not thick, because it never takes more than a couple of repeated exercises in whatever I want her to learn before she's got the hang of it. But why the FUCKING FUCKITY FUCK am I teaching my daughter the rudiments of maths and literacy, when she's ostensibly ahead of where she needs to be?

I just went to tuck her into bed, and caught her reading a book: she was learning her times tables from a book I bought her. What sort of fucking education system have we got when kids feel they need to learn more by themselves at the age of 9?

And why the cunting fuck am I paying tax money to these cunts when my daughter needs me to teach her basic maths?

When I was 9, I was reading racy novels like The Saint and James Bond. My daughter is still reading books with loads of pictures in them. I doubt she'd be able to make her way through the first Harry Potter. It's a fucking disgrace, and if I were paranoid, I'd say it was deliberate -- raising a generation of illiterate, innumerate, unthinking, uncritical morons, perfect for voting Noo Layber.

Cunting fuckers -- I'm gonna have them.

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Anonymous said...

According to John Taylor Gatto, it is deliberate.


Captain Swing said...

The schools are crap at teaching anything other than PC right on diversity shite.
My son likes to read and is good at his tables because we encourage him to do these things.At school however he doesnt get any support or encouragement because he is towards the top of the class.The mongs of the class cant be excluded so all the work is set at their level.The bright kids are just left to their own devices and are bored to tears.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

It's the "prizes for all" socialist dogma that has infiltrated the state education system. Lower the pass marks, reduce the content to trivia, shrink and distort the natural bell curve of personal achievements and pass marks galore – everyone’s a winner under the socialists.

To believe in this system makes you truly an evil person because these people, despite history repeatedly showing that holding these types of beliefs as abject failures, will refuse to change so deep is their envy, bitterness and tribalistic mentality.

I hope in a future UK society that people will be reviled for supporting socialism much as in the same way as those that supported communism in former Eastern European countries.

Some of those communist supporters and sympathisers were hounded out of their towns, some spent the rest of their lives shunned and in isolation and others “disappeared”.

Leg-iron said...

I thought it was 'Tough on education, tough on the causes of education'.

Surely that must be what he said? It's cerainly what he did.

Rob said...

"everyone’s a winner under the socialists."

Especially the teaching unions, who get inflation-busting pay rises year on year because they've been so "successful".

Atheist Ranter said...

" ...raising a generation of illiterate, innumerate, unthinking, uncritical morons, perfect for voting Noo Layber." bit like the catholic church has done for years - keep 'em thick and they'll just follow.

I'm sorry to state the obvious but private education (public schools? private/public what a fuck-up in english that is!) is the only way. You'll notice by my own crap turn of phrase I went to state school and have lived the best I can on self taught street wiseness combined with a little built-in intelligence - poor me!

Captain Swing said...

When I was in primary school I remember the teacher(male)encouraging everyone to do their absolute best.Nowdays success is frowned upon and if your kid hasnt got little shit syndrome(hsbc or whatever its called)the school is not interested.
The system actively discriminates in favour of the little shits and windowlickers.The good kids from good families are too often excluded from education(in its true form).The secondary schools are even worse with cookery lessons being debased to making pizzas in preparation of working on a Pizza production line when they leave school FFS.
Many people dont realise that many
so called teachers are either unqualified teachers assistants or
semi literate "trainee" teachers.The good older teachers all had enough and left
sveral years ago.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

"...Noo Layber.

Cunting fuckers -- I'm gonna have them."

I wish you would and hurry up about it! I don't know how much more of this farcical government and their mind-numbing policies I can take.

wonderfulforhisage said...

For some time I've been pondering about how deliberate the destruction of the education system has been. Up until fairly recently I suspected a covert deliberate Marxist plot perhaps similar, in structure if not function, to the Brotherhood in 1984. My suspicions were based on the fact that so many senior members of the academic community are or have been members of the communist party or similar and the relentless decline of the education process. I had visions of all manner of cloak and dagger activity. On the other hand this suspicion seemed quite ludicrous (double think!) as it would have been bound to have been exposed one way or another.

A week or so ago I came across a wonderful blog post drawing attention to the difference between creationism and evolution when applied to politics. When I applied my understanding of natural selection to the education system, bearing in mind today's beliefs and values, it became clear to me that there is no need for a positive conspiracy as a form of 'natural selection' was achieving the same outcome.

I now believe that equality of outcome is the fly in the ointment (oh dear, I nearly typed another aphorism that begins with an n). If one assumes that equality of outcome is the over arching goal of our education establishment then the system would automatically 'evolve' to accommodate the lowest common denominator.

To paraphrase Orwell, "Equality of opportunity bad; equality of outcome good."

Hat tip ??? I'd like to acknowledge the source of creationism v evolution as applied to politics, but I've forgotten the the originator. If anybody reading this could link to him/her, I'd be grateful.

Anonymous said...

you aren't paranoid. it is deliberate. i have a children's encyclopedia from 1907 and one from 1933. these are children's books but are about equvalent in technical content to the a-levels of the '80s

Anonymous said...

Not all in education I'm afraid. I was a teacher, entering after a career elsewhere. I was not prepared for the utter scum that passes for pupils in some schools. The rumours are, if anything, under estimates as I lost the use of an eye and a hand in my short teaching career! Primary Schools pass on to Secondaries pupils they claim are "on target" in literacy but cannot read or write their own names at the age of eleven. The life ambitions of these "pupils" were to leave, go on the dole/social and get stoned. Teen pregnancies are common, I used to lose 3-4 per annum to pregnancy. "Families" who have NEVER worked coming to school to lecture staff on the "injustice" of expecting manners and for the little darlings to actually work in the lessons and to produce homework. That is where they speak English at all, come Ramadan, School was more like the "Marie Celeste Crew Reunion"!

Jeff Wood said...

Someone please oblige Wonderful, and me.

I saw the same post while in a hurry and, not being too wonderful for my age, forgot it when I tried to go back later.

Anonymous said...

suspected a covert deliberate Marxist plot perhaps similar, in structure if not function, to the Brotherhood in 1984. My suspicions were based on the fact that so many senior members of the academic community are or have been members of the communist party or similar"
If you want an eye opener check the amount of senior "cadres" who in the 70's were in the far left Mraxist groups and now have senior positions, civil service, in local councils you would be surprised I know I was. You can bet your life they are not standing on corneres on a Saturday afternoon flogging Socialist Worker more like at the coast fucking about on their yacht.

Anonymous said...

Follow the Blair...

Get thee to Fettes, you tight cunt.

Dmitri the Impostor said...

Obo, start leaving Martin Gardiner's books on mathematical recreations lying around the place. Failing that, similar stuff by Ian Stewart.

You know as well as I do that anything useful you learn, you teach yourself.

Learning stuff in school is like having prosthetic limbs strapped on: you hobble around like a fucking cunt and then discard them at the soonest opportunity.

Don't even talk to me about university. I've spent the last half a lifetime UNlearning all the stupidity and pretension they drum into you there.

Academics have a vested interest in over-theorising their useless non-subjects. They should be sent into the rice fields to do some work.

Nah. Problem solving - on your Jack Jones. Only way to go.