Friday, 30 October 2009

Face, meet palm. Again.


the summit text puts a 100 billion euros-a-year (£89.6 billion) price on curbing global warming by 2020, of which annual public funding is estimated at 22-50bn euros.(£19.7bn - £44.8bn.)

The EU's combined share of that would be between 7-10bn euros (£6.2bn - £8.96bn) a year by 2020.

So, half of the money for this scam is going to come from the taxpayer and half from businesses. The EU and the various governments aren't going to cut their fucking budgets to find this fucking money, oh fucking no, so that means apart from all the other shit they buttfuck you for, they're now going to be taking this egregious monkey wanking out of your face as well.

Just in case anybody thinks otherwise: the government doesn't have any money. The EU doesn't have any money. All they have is guns and shitty laws that excuse them from the norms of any civilised society while they fucking steal yours and piss it up the wall at any fucking stupid thing they want.

Fucking thieving, mendacious, bullies. If there was any fucking justice, the headmaster would be along any minute now to administer a sound thrashing to these fuckers.

But there isn't.

Update: More fucking proof, if it were needed, that there is no fucking justice at all.


Joe Public said...

As Michael Winner might say "Calm down, it's only another tax"

wv "quallion" sounds like the amount of tax paid over the next decade

Mitch said...

Cant we just plug these fuckers into a giant "sims" game and carry on with our lives while they indulge their petty egos without real money?.