Tuesday, 3 November 2009

65th time lucky*

Jesus, talk about a death wish!

A British soldier responsible for making safe 64 bombs during five months in Afghanistan, died as he tried to defuse another, it has emerged.

Poor bastard. I can't imagine how mentally tough you have to be to face that, day in and day out.

And what did he die for? So that overweening cockface Gordon "The Snotmuncher" Brown can fellate Obama? To spare the blushes of some fucking faceless bell-end in the State Department or the Foreign Office? For Tony fucking Blair?

What did this incomprehensibly brave man die for?

*I didn't say it was good luck.


Surreptitious Evil said...

The comment from his CO says why, really:

"Many soldiers and ordinary Afghans owe their lives to Staff Sgt Schmid's gallant actions and his sacrifice will never be forgotten."

He did it for his colleagues.

increasinglymiffed said...

Men like this put Browm, and his crew in stark perspective. They should be ashamed for the rest of their lives.

And now it's for a corrupt government. The one in Afghanistan, too.

cornishgiant said...

I went to School with this guy - we were in the same year.

It has given me the cause for much reflection and has really brought this whole debacle to the forefront of my mind for the first time.

His death has done that for me. But it would be infinitely better if I didn't have to contemplate either of these things.

I am Stan said...

Very brave and dedicated to doing his duty

It`s an outrage this guvmint who sent him there is so vacuous and corrupted.

Anonymous said...

Why ask a few alive and serving soldiers what they think about what they do?

I, too, am not sure what the brave man died for but it was assuredly not to give you yet another reason to run your filthy mouth.

For the record I despise Gordon Brown and all he stands for, as well as our American versions of same.

Anonymous said...

I think it is entirely appropriate for you to run your filthy mouth in this post.
It is quite obviously in respect and admiration for this brave man; and in fully deserved scorn and contempt for the politicians who put him there.

Mitch said...

Gordon would never understand a man like that, they may as well be different species.
This mans passing diminishes us all.

Gordon you are a coward and a cunt please die!

bayard said...

"If any ask us why we died; Tell them 'Because our fathers lied,' "

~ Rudyard Kipling ~

AntiCitizenOne said...