Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My heart swells with pride...

Imagine that: hot on the heels of Lloyds buying itself out of the government insurance scheme, another nationalised bank doing what needs to be done to return to profitability:

Royal Bank of Scotland, the bank rescued by the taxpayer, is to cut 3,700 jobs among its branch staff.

They don't want to be the Gorgon's bitch, either.


Anonymous said...

Bunch of fucking cunts, with our money. Massive job losses and the taxes that were paid by their workers is being handed back by the billions, £40 billion to be precise, by extra state funding.

It's like shitting through someone's letterbox, knocking on the door and asking for a receipt.

Dr Evadne said...

Am I going bonkers but...didn't Sir Dicky Branston/Virgin offer to buy out Northern Rock when it first got into trouble a year or so ago? had he been given the go ahead would that not have saved us all a few quid?

If all of the above is correct, why is Virgin now being allowed to pick up the pieces at a knock down price. I think we have all been made the victims of 'short selling' a practice that his government said it was going to try and stop!