Wednesday, 4 November 2009

They don't like it up 'em

Fucking HGV drivers. They really have no fucking problem with causing a two-mile tailback and jamming the roads up forever, but somehow they get really fucking upset when you force them to have to fucking slow down.

Twats. I hope you all fucking die of face cancer.


microdave said...

"Twats. I hope you all fucking die of face cancer."

Then you'd be even more pissed off, because like them, or loathe them, 90% of everything we buy gets delivered by road....

I'm not taking sides here, but you should try driving an older car and see how you get treated by other road users - cars & trucks.

As far as I'm concerned you can ALL fuck off.

W/V "gothrays" Maybe I should fit one these to my car, it would be fun targeting Subaru drivers....

Steve Antony Williams said...

Then there's coach drivers .... Then there's silly old sods who hog the middle lane for 80 miles .... Then there's the stupid sod in a Missan Micra at the front of a five mile "convoy" on the outside lane doing 75 while everybody behind wants them to "get in the damn middle lane" so they can do 90 (yeah yeah I know 90 is over the limit but it happens).

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Many years ago I was driving my boss back to London. As he was sitting in the front seat I thought it be prudent to show him I was a conscientious driver and indicated for a few seconds before pulling into the left hand lane for the next junction. After a few seconds indicating, I pulled over to the left only to be met with a loud blast of the horn from the lorry that had immediately and deliberately tried to close the gap.

So, I kept on indicating and we kept juxtaposing within the traffic until there was a gap, which I accelerated into. After seeing a significant gap ahead, I pulled into the left lane only to suddenly see in my mirror the lorry desperately try to close the gap. Looking ahead the traffic had started to slow down rapidly and I dumped the brake – all I heard behind me was the noise of the hissing air brakes and screeching – I thought he was going to hit us.

Fortunately, the cunt had jack knifed sideways and was mostly in the hard shoulder and the hedgerow.

And no, I didn’t stop.

Oleuanna said...


I witnessed a car crash the other week in the sleepy town of which I live. Granted not a big lorry …though a big Range rover …no I didn’t get the plates…I was going out for chips and beans….and then beer….shock does that.

Crikey not even sure my point…when I stopped out of my farm road turning and witnessed the bodies being dragged away… I just really hoped…you know like you do, if you’re not a wanker ambulance chaser, well I just hoped...and I don't buy papers so I'll never know. Those cars were mangled………really mangled…drove on for my chips….

Doctors office today I read he was a …of course a kid…and dies on impact she is still in hospital.. 700 people attended his funeral.

The worse thing about that….is my only thought was…..’ ...I would never getthat at most!

Death effects people differently…..

Optimistic Cynic said...

what annoys the shite out of me is when they go uphill on Motorways with one overtaking at 1 x 10 ^ - 100 mph faster than the next.

I'm sure that overtaking maneuver which jams up 100s of cars behind means that they arrive 3 nanoseconds earlier than they would have done.


David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

Obo, you have to think about the physics of driving a 44-tonner.

His brakes do not cut his momentum as fast as yours would be cut, for even though they are 80KN-stuff, he is much much heavier. Word done = force x distance.

He looks like he's closing the gap on you, merely because he can't avoid doing otherwise. Leave room for the poor bugger and don't cut in within about 200 yards of him at least, at say 60mph - he won't thank you for it. He does not want to hit you any more than you want him to.

And when they take so long to overtake each other, you might consider lambasting the governmint for speed-limiting him to 60mph or whateber the tachograph now says. If he could do say 70 for a bit (and the engine is powerful enough mostly) he could overtake his buddy faster.

Try driving on 2-lane German "autobahns", if you will, with 150mph+ mercs and porsches in the fast lane, hoovering you out physically from their way by flashing irately while "rubbing you" (literally), into completely full lanes of Yugoslavian juggernauts, nose-to-tail for 60 miles, doing 40mph.

David G said...

....and ever since the hike in petrol prices last year, dont forget the armies of 'twat in a Honda Jizz', spaced at one mile intervals, doing 55 in the left lane, with a queue of lorries the length of the M6 struggling to overtake at 60.

Joe said...

They're all limited to 56mph, and yet the speed limit on M-ways is 60....

suits deciding they know better than the drivers on how to run the idustry, most of the cunts probbably wouldn't know a 5th wheel from a hole in the ground....