Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Aha! Aha!


The new Guardian ICM poll has the Tory lead down to seven points and the party on 37 percent.

You really do have to wonder what the Gorgon is going to have to do to give the Tories a proper lead.

Because the DING-bat is far too fucking useless to get one by himself.


Dungeekin said...

Aha, but what will the next set of opinion polls (due in 15 minutes or so) indicate?

A drop in support?


OldSlaughter said...

Cameron hedged and will lucky to break even now. Anyone with balls or/and a personal vision would have put it all on the nose.

Goddam triangulation, professional politics and fucking spineless hacks.

Joe Public said...

Dave simply hires Phil Jones to Hide-the-Decline

Joe Public said...

Dave should call in Phil Jones to Hide-the-Decline

Anonymous said...

fuck me are you not dead yet?