Sunday, 28 February 2010




DAVID Cameron is heading for defeat at the general election after a devastating poll showed his lead slashed to just TWO POINTS.

The Tories were in meltdown early today as word of the latest survey swept the party's last major rally before polling day.

It raises the unexpected prospect of Gordon Brown being returned to power for another five years.

DING: if you want to treat the electorate like an inconvenience interfering with your entitlement to office, if you refuse to offer an alternative to the one-eyed mong and if you keep spouting Blairite cock-spittle at us - this is what's gonna happen.



figurad said...

Not necessarily. Read PB. They have a link that reckons the poll method may be suspect.

Anyway Obo, you want the one eyed son of the manse to win you told us this week. Have you seen the light again?

Mitch said...

I really do think he doesn't want to win.Think about it....brown wins within 6 months the IMF are in and brown has to dismantle 13 years of idiotic socialist fuckwittery while Cameron or his replacement shout "we told you so" from the sidelines while still hoovering up their pay and expenses with no real responsibilities.When lab finally implode the Tories win a landslide and do whatever the hell they like.
Our system is broken but the only people who could fix it wont.

John R said...

Obo, he's not listening. He never does. For he is Dave, the leader, the One, the patriot, the man that can free us from the forces of hell....and that's what his cabinet of not-conservative-at-all muppets tell him every day.

He's also an arse who has managed to piss away a landslide lead.

God help us all, the next 5 years of Bully McNutter's psycho-leadership are going to be pretty bad.

Mark said...

I couldn't find anywhere to send a message so please delete from this comment thread.

My friend who is a tax advisor has recently drawn my attention the this very unlibertarian bit of news regarding of the forthcoming criminalising of tax advisors by the HMRC.

Like to hear your views on this.

Constantly Furious said...

For fuck's sake. You know as well as anyone else exactly who will be Prime Minister if DING doesn't make it.

You might be looking forward to five more years of Gordon, but a lot of us aren't.

Try to conceal your delight, eh?

Wellington Dave said...

I've been contemplating your vote labour thought for about 6 months now. There is nothing spurting forth from the Tories that makes me think "yes that's what the country needs". And if the Tories do get in with the current Blairspoken, socialist twaddle that they are offering us, then they'll do no better than ZaNuLabour. Two or maybe three years before the whole system collapses into giant banckrupt pile of steaming Soviet Shit. Unless Carswell and Hannan organise a coup, or they get Lady Thatcher to stick her hand up Ding's back and start working the levers, the Tories are stuffed one way or another. So if the choice is two years of the Tories failing and picking up the blame for Gordon's mess or a nasty shock for the NuConservatives and the total annihilation once and for all for Labour. Then two more years of this shit seems like a price worth paying. The way it looks at the moment, a change of Government at the election will just be more of the same old shit, just different masters.

ukipwebmaster said...

This says it all:

Pepito said...

It doesn't really matter who wins at this point, given our economy is about to implode, nothing can stop that now.
The punters aren't psychologically ready to face the bill of socialism yet, once the salaries and welfare cheques stop coming they will finally realise.
Until then party on.

assegai mike said...

ukipwebmaster: I saw you do a similar or same comment on another post on this forum, a cartoony thing featuring a gravestone. Yes, yes, very good, ha ha, but you are preaching to the largely converted and reaching a relatively small number of frequenters of sites like these. Your time would be better spent reaching out to the mainstream, the man in the street. The Tories are singularly failing to do this, after all, so here is your chance. Off you go, now, and God speed. You have my vote, btw.