Friday, 19 February 2010

Can it get any worse ...

... indeed?

£4.3bn in the red, that is the gruesome fact of the government’s January accounts. Never before has the government borrowed money in January, usually a month of surplus as self-assessed income and corporation tax receipts line government coffers. Analysts forecast a surplus of £2.8bn, denoting just how bad the situation is.

Income £7bn below estimate?

Never had to borrow money in January before?

Truly, "Colostomy" Brown has brought us to a state of economic ruin never before seen in this cuntry.

Go you mad, fat fuck. Just go, before we are forced to rend you limb from limb with our bare hands. And take those useless cunts in your party with you. Because we've FUCKING HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!


Dungeekin said...

You're clearly not seeing the Bigger Economic Picture.

When viewed against the wider economic situation, and in light of current Government strategy, this is the best January on record.



t said...

Time to get that PPL...

manwiddicombe said...

Next January the tax receipts from the self-employed are likely to be even lower than this year so yes, it could get a lot worse.

Dungeekin said...



Given that they're still reportedly borrowing £277,000 per MINUTE, with no sign of slowing, I can't see any reason to use the conditional tense.

It's not a matter of 'could', it's a matter of WILL. It's going to get much, much worse and every month, week and day that passes with this shower in Government is going to make the recovery take exponentially longer.


Ed P said...

The corrected (i.e., more accurate) quarterly GDP figure should be released in one week. It is very likely to show the +0.1% "recovery" was in fact -0.2%: so we are, as is obvious, still in recession.
Repeat whilst sticking your head in the oven, "We're totally fucked, thanks Gordon".

Weekend Yachtsman said...

But Call-me-Dave doesn't think he needs to anything too drastic - even if he does manage to win the election.

It looks like we're going to have to wait for the IMF to do the job.

It's deja du all over again: Wilson, Callaghan, Blair/Brown... and those are just the one I remember.