Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More frivolous hilarity

So, after all the Brown bullygate bollocks, what has happened to the polls?

The pre-temper tantrum poll:

CON 37%(-2), LAB 30%(nc), LDEM 20%(nc)

Now we come to the second poll, which has caused Mike Smithson, and one or two others, much heartache overnight. The original published figures were wrong or was a deliberate leak.

Anyway, here is the first post-temper tantrum daily tracker poll, with the correct figures:

CON 39%(nc), LAB 33%(nc), LDEM 17%(nc)

The figures speak for themselves. Rawnsley’s allegations are having no effect.

I wonder why that would be? Possibly because the electorate can't tell Labour's policies from Tory policies? And because there's no real point in getting shot of one bunch of useless fuckpieces to replace them with another bunch of useless fuckpieces?


Mitch said...

Or the public know full well what brown is and will deal with him when the time comes.
He was too scared to face anyone for the job and seems too scared to face the country.

OldSlaughter said...

You have in your own inimitable way struck the nail smack on the head.

They had a goal wide open. However a total lack of balls and honesty mixed with a habit of triangulation and reactive spin has meant they have failed to even kick a fucking ball. I wondered what D Davis felt after being one decent speech away
from being PM. I wonder how Cameroon will feel if he doesn't win, is replaced, and finishes as a man that not a single person in the Kingdom can describe the motivations of.

Umbongo said...

You're right. Anybody already prepared to vote Labour is not going to be put off by Rawnsley's revelations. Bullying by Brown and, by extension, Labour is a feature not a bug. Also, anybody capable of marking their cross on a ballot paper knows that - concerning policies of any importance - Cameron would have been little different had he ever got to no 10 (which seems increasingly unlikely).

Aetius said...

Of course it's worth replacing New Labour with "Blue Labour"; How else do you think that Gordon Brown is going to get carried out of Number 10 in a straight jacket?

Ian R Thorpe said...

Of course the punters like Brown's thuggery and insane violence. It reminds them of films they enjoyed - like Goodfellas

matiend said...

Err, what do policies matter? They have only one. Get elected get rich fuck the electorate. Both sides.

However, one side usually cuts taxes, the other gives taxpayers money to workshy cunts. Im with the cut taxes party here - but if I was a workshy cunt I would be with the sop the indolent party.

Given the fawning arselicking attention afforded the monocular twat from the manse, and all the propaganda from Pravda, its a surprise the blue party have a poll lead at all.

Anyway, be in no doubt, despite the rigged electoral system Jonah is getting his Earldom, and CMD will be the next candidate for most hated cockwaft in the country. Zanu are being kicked out. Sure are sugar makes your teeth rot.

They are all self servibg cunts, but some of them usually cut my taxes.

Anonymous said...

Could it be possible that they're fixed? Lead by opinion?

Make them seem more popular than they are to attract the loose voters?

Or are we truly [BEEEEP]?

ukipwebmaster said...

Talking of socialists.
EU President Herman van Rompuy has the “charisma of a damp rag”: