Monday, 1 March 2010

On voting, again ...

OK, so a whole bunch of people feel like I'm some sort of nutter because I'm saying "vote Labour."

And to befair, I feel like a fucking nutter for saying it. But watch this, and then tell me that this lump of rancid cock cheese deserves your vote:

Seriously. I fucking double triple dare you.

So, anyway: if you can't bring yourself to vote for Labour, I can't say I blame you. I'm not sure I won't bottle it myself. But who can you vote for, rather than vote against?

I don't want to vote for any of the parties that actually have a chance of winning. I don't know who will be standing, but I'm pretty sure LPUK aren't standing here. So I've only got parties to vote against.

And frankly, I live in one of those places where they'll vote in a thieving, arrogant, complacent fuckpiece if he's wearing a blue rosette. I know they did last time. So I want to stick to him personally as much as anything.

Nah, fuck it. It's Labour for me this time.


Uncle Marvo said...

I live in a place where they haven't got a clue who'll get in.

Half of them vote Lab and half Con.

This time, loads WILL vote BNP/UKIP/MonsterLoony but what we can't guess yet is who will lose.

I would've gone with the Con bloke, the reigning Empee, but he voted strongly for the smoking ban despite him probably being the only bloke in the ward who doesn't smoke. So I suspect the worst, and there's fuckall I can do about it.

Dungeekin said...

I understand your arguments, and they made sense.


There's no way, no way at all, that I could bring myself to put an 'X' in Labour's box.

Much as I'd like to see Colostomy struggle to spin the destruction his policies have wrought, and will continue to wreak, I can't do it.

Sorry. Voting Blue (again).


Costello said...

My mindset is prett much the same as yours. I'm now at the point where i think Brown staying on as Prime Minister is, in the long run, the better scenario.

My first reason for this is that i find the idea of Brown and the Labour scum actually having to live in and clean up their own shit - rather than have the Tories come in and do it - hugely amusing. If Labour return to power then there is no chance whatsover they will avoid blame for the appalling state of the economy and they will not be able to play their usual "OMGS EVEIL TORY CUTS" card and blame the ongoing (and upcoming) shitness of the economy on the Tories which is what normally happens.

The second reason is that the Cameron Tories are no better and their winning the election will put off any chance of us getting a genuinely tax cutting state reducing vaguely right wing government by many years and if anything will simply ensure Labour are capable of returning to power much sooner than they have any right to.

If Labour were to win this election, or at least ensure a hung parliament with Brown as PM, we can expect to see the Cameron social democrats dispatched pretty much immediately and the Conservative Party returning to something that might vaguely resamble a conservative party. A genuine centre-right party would be on course to win a massive landslide and i don't doubt this will still be the case in 5 years time. Better 5 more years of socialist insanity under Brown with the hope of a proper alternative next time round than 5 more years of socialist insanity under Cameron with no prospect of any better alternative for the forseeable future.

Kingbingo said...

With respect Obnoxio, I take up your dare:

I posted it externally because I prefer unmoderated comment.

Joe Public said...

Why not stand yourself?

I'm sure your opinions & concerns would mirror many in your constituency.

The pay not be so attractive, but think of all those Tax-Free expenses you could claim; all those Laws that apply to us little-people but which miraculously don't seem to apply to those with the "MP" suffix.

DaveP said...

I couldn't bring myself to listen to more than 60 seconds of this shit. The tosser sounded like he was auditioning for Jackanory.

Anonymous said...

Not Labour, please not Labour, what about a minority party that wants to bring the troops home straight away. I know all the arguments about not leaving Afganistan/Iraq in the lurch, up the creek, or wherever, and about honouring those who have already died, but our boys are dying and should be brought home. After all, it's no safer with them there as before they went, and that is supposed to be the ultimate reason.

George said...

Well, my thoughts exactly.

Because it is a choice between two particularly smelly pieces of shit, Ill go for the least smelliest.

The Cowboy Online said...

Well done DING, you've managed to make 'modern' synonymous with 'more of the same'.

Quiet_Man said...

I see your point, but I couldn't make myself vote Labour, Lib Dem or Tory.

I will vote, just not for any of the above.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

kingbingo: I don't moderate the comments, I publish them all, as is.

Apart from my resident troll who spams up everything as soon as I switch comment moderation off.

It's a pain in the arse for me, but less of a pain in the arse going around deleting spam.

Alan said...

If Labour get in they will simply give the country to Europe to avoid any blame. You hope for changes in five more years or even a crash before, but we will be spending euros and begging for bail out. If in five years we get a new 'out of EU' government the spiteful commissars will slap a massive tariff on everything we try to sell.

As a member of a marginal party you should know better than voting liblabcon. This election not the next is the time for fringe.

Bad Acting, Dave said...

Sorry, OBO. I got 2/3 of the way in to this pile of shite before I just had to kill it. Dave is a smarmy cunt who will sell us all down the river, just like Blair, Brown and the fucking rest of these self-serving cunts. How can he keep a straight face whilst spouting these shitty platitudes is beyond my comprehension. I imagine it was "high fives!" all round after he completed the umpteenth take trying to get it right.

Anonymous said...

Agreeing: Gandhi Speaks!: Four More Years!

opinion prole said...

You really believe this nonsense? It just shows what a lot of losers there are in Britain after 13 years of Labour brainwashing.
If Brown gets in this time there will be no need to vote ever again because they will change the voting system. Labs will suck up to LibDems and lefties will keep the Cons out for ever. Is that what you really want or have you already got your passage to Australia booked?

Kingbingo said...

"kingbingo: I don't moderate the comments, I publish them all, as is.

Apart from my resident troll who spams up everything as soon as I switch comment moderation off."

So its for our own good you have invested this authoritarian in yourself. I think Benjamin Franklin may have covered this one.

'They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.'

Roger Thornhill said...

I posted this over at UK Libertarian but I copy it here as I think it has a different audience.


If you cannot vote for anyone, please please please still turn up, collect your ballot, go into the booth, draw on your own box, put next to it “none of the above” and insert your cross.

You voted, They tried to deny you your choice.

Don’t let them. Don’t give them an excuse to rob us of even more money so they can “engage” with us and get rid of apathy.


Present yourself and show that more and more people disapprove.

One day, in one constituency, we might get more spoilt ballots than that garnered by the “winner”.
Make no mistake, those counting will know what people are beginning to do.

The word will filter up and it will scare the bejeezus out of them.

Uncle Marvo said...

I wish I had a troll.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Kingbingo, I realise you're trying to wind me up, but you're wrong. It's not security, it's laziness. I take a certain amount of pride in a presentable blog, and having page after page of "Looks like you Obo" adds nothing to the blog at all.

If you think that I'm a sensitive flower trying to stifle adverse comment, then I suggest you peruse my "High Praise Indeed" section in the right-hand column.

Now fuck off.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Uncle Marvo, have you tried this?

Uncle Marvo said...

Aye, I've tried the troll.

It doesn't work on iPhones. I use my iPhone, seeing as someone bought me one. It won't do any Flash-based stuff so I am blackballing people who put Flash on their sites :-)

See how they care?


Mr Rob said...

Interesting, isn't it?

Glad that you are onboard though Obo. Most major perverts are also serial killers, I suppose :)