Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I don't really have coherent words to describe this.

I cannot believe that anyone can still think of the EU as any kind of force for good if they are prepared to take this kind of action to protect their precious, impractical, insane, vanity project currency.

What's worse is the Pandora's box that's been opened. Now, any government in need of money will simply hit your bank accounts, your pension any fucking thing they want and can with a "one off stability levy" that doesn't even need discussing in parliament.

Just so they can piss it up against the wall of their incompetence and interference.

Nice going Urophiles.


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

I wonder how many pro-Europe peoples are now busy trying to convince themselves and others that "it could never happen here"

You should have been a hell of a lot more careful what you wished for peeps - you may just have fucking gotten it!

Hedgehog said...

Whilst I sympathize entirely with your instincts, amazingly this time the right thing seems to have been done (it appears - who knows what kind of behind the scenes dealing is actually going on).

Cyprus has taken two bust, state sucking zombies, and chopped their heads off. They had no right to exist, splat. Gone.

The initial proposal to socialize the losses amongst all bank depositors was pretty much evil socialism at its worst.

Laiki was paying 6% on deposits, and attracting all sorts of folk, greedy with the notion that someone would bail them out if things went wrong, and that they could safely pick up 6% - risk free. Maybe peopple will now start to equate a higher rate of interest with higher risk, rather than presuming somebody else will bail them if all goes wrong?

This is a tiny baby step in the right direction - that the managers, owners, bond holders and depositors of a bank need to pay the price if the idiots in charge fuck up.

Anonymous said...


Didn't a raid on the pensioners in the UK take place under Mr Brown's chancellorship? The problem with our ideals is that we may be responsible for one or two incidents, whereas the 'Left' otherwise known as statist, authoritarian bastards produce tens of thousands of incidents and they are just statistics.

Anonymous said...

It seems wrong to wish that Cyprus implodes over this, but would any other outcome convince the EU states that it's a bad idea?

Anonymous said...

The insolvent banks get closed down, and the taxpayer isn't on the hook for an additional 10 billion. I think it's a good result.

Better still if the EUROcrats who brokered the haircuts on greek government bonds (which caused the cypriot banks to be insolvent) were extradited and put on trial.

Anonymous said...

So, governments - whether UK or EU - will very soon be coming after our ISAs and pension funds, you say?

I don't doubt it. The justification? They haven't paid their fair share of tax!

The lefties will scream that these people must be made to pay their fair share - and maybe whack them with an extra fine on top to teach them a lesson and make them be more generous and kind, just like lovely lefties.

This country seems to be "allowing" a lynch-mob mentality to form.

It's a-okay now for UK-Uncut, for example, to target the homes of individuals, as they did last Saturday. On Twitter, people get hounded for saying anything offensive to left-wing "thought" (if that isn't an oxymoron).

And when the UK state goes bust, these same people will be screaming for ordinary people's bank accounts and pensions to be raped so that they can be kept in comfort on the teet of the state, whether in their non-jobs or on various benefits.