Thursday, 4 April 2013


So, the Daily Mail has done it again: trolled the chattering classes into a good old froth.

Vile product of Welfare UK: Man who bred 17 babies by five women to milk benefits system is guilty of killing six of them

Apparently, the word "bred" offended one frother. Well, yes, but he wasn't exactly guilty of "fathering" them, was he? He did absolutely treat them as cattle. He may have shown them affection from time to time, but so would any farmer of milk cows. Just because they were human beings, doesn't mean he treated them as such.

Furthermore, it's hard to say why Philpott isn't the product of Welfare UK. He was definitely a weapons-grade cunt, but if he didn't have a benefits system he could milk to fuck he'd have had to become a criminal or work. The Welfare State may not have made him a complete cunt, but it certainly enabled him.

To be brutally honest, I've personally met more people who milk the benefits system and more people who have been completely let down by the benefits system than I've met people who have been helped by it, by about 5 to 1.

I notice, too, that the much vaunted social care that the saintly state provides completely bypassed all these poor children, despite the minor red flag of him bragging on national TV about what a cunt he was. Well, I guess that's a bit subtle.

As an inquiry was launched into the case, it also emerged that:
  • ‘Shameless Mick’ faces a fresh police investigation for allegedly raping a woman who went on to bear one of his children.
  • He was jailed for trying to kill a schoolgirl lover, stabbing her 27 times after she ended their relationship.
  • Philpott plotted to ‘get rich quick’ – turning funeral funds donated by the local community into Argos vouchers.

God only knows what those children would have turned out like with that as a role model, though.

And God help the rest of them.

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Mitch said...

Perhaps if he had worked for his money and paid for his house he wouldn't have been so quick to burn it down as Insurance would only give him like for like.
He sounds like a Sociopath to me to me .