Friday, 5 April 2013

Gothic policing

I see the rozzers have decided to start record attacks on goths and emos as "hate crime".

Sorry. I just had to stop and sit with my head in my hands for a moment and think about how fucking stupid that is.

Apparently, this is because someone got killed because they looked a bit different.

Sorry, I had to stop and rock back and forth again, keening.

I almost can't work up the strength to blog about this stupidity. All this kind of thing does is to encourage people to focus on their differences, not their common humanity.

All this is going to to is to validate the sick fucks who go around looking for excuses to beat people up. Society gives preferential treatment to one group, which makes people not in that group resentful. This then validates them when they express their frustration.

I find it odd that people who support things like quotas and "positive" discrimination never work out the consequences. By highlighting the differences between people, you diminish the things we have in common. Adding to the pool of differences simply adds to alienation. "I'm not in one of the approved groups, so I'm not worth as much as a human being."

The only upside I can find to this is that if this divide and conquer bollocks is taken to its natural conclusion, ultimately we will all end up in some "preferred" group or t'other.

But we could short-circuit that process and immediately focus on that ultimate minority: the individual. Treat every crime against people as an affront to the person, not to some specious, artificial group.

Or is that too much to ask for?


Barnacle Bill said...

Or we could just ask that the law(s) are enforced equally, regardless of race or, whether you've got a lughole full of piercings.

But that might be asking too much of the statsi.

JuliaM said...

"I find it odd that people who support things like quotas and "positive" discrimination never work out the consequences. "

Because they are always convinced everyone else who tried it and failed wasn't as good at it as they are. They are different. They are better.

Anonymous said...

Just another socialist attack on individual rights. Our individual merit matters just a little less now, and our identity class matters a little more.

Sometimes it's hard to distinguish any difference between socialism and feudalism. The class a person belongs to is all that this 'compassionate' system to care about. It's what determines their level of rights.

Furor Teutonicus said...

But pubs are STILL allowed to have signs "No Bikers".....???!!!

NOW is war :_) :-) :-) :-)