Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Some animals are more equal than others

I've already blogged about the horrendous plan to keep details of hundreds of thousands of children online for police to trawl through at their leisure. People are rightly concerned that these details will fall into the wrong hands, so they're talking about the concept of "shielding":

This is a process whereby details of especially vulnerable children are blocked off from ordinary user access – and a special order would be required to unblock them.

And then I noticed this little gem:

It is understood that shielding has already been put in place for the children of MPs.

You fucking cunts. You utter fucking scum. How fucking DARE YOU impose this database on society, leaving everyone vulnerable but make your own fucking children safer?

This country really needs a piano-wire party for the political elite. They don't understand anything but their own benefit.


Old Holborn said...

Three of my children started "proper" senior school yesterday.

Today, OH spent most of the day rubbing a housebrick into the face of a headmaster who tried to fingerprint them.

"It's the law", he said.

"Call the fucking police then" said I, rubbing harder.

UTTER cunts. I was the only parent who complained. From 1400 pupils.

Obo, it really is getting very very bad and very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

"I was the only parent who complained. From 1400 pupils."

What I find even more frightening than the fact that government is introducing this stuff, is that nearly everyone meekly acquiesces...

When did we get so complacent about our freedom?

Old Holborn said...

About the same time Eastenders and tax credits arrived?

Anonymous said...

OH is right -it is getting very dangerous indeed. The EU have noticed that blogs allow people to voice non-State-sanctioned opinions and want to put a stop to it.

MP's can dictate that everyone's children but theirs must bear the mark of the Beast (this post). Councils (post below this one) employ people who won't put on wellies without official approval in writing. Horses (above this one) are too dangerous to be allowed near people.

That's just three posts from one day on one blog. That's the sort of comment the EU want silenced because if their hive-minded drones read it, some of them might wake up.

All of these lunatic things are just accepted as normal. Some people mutter about it but they won't stand up and tell the Elfin Safety to just piss off. And if anyone tries, expect no backup.

The IRA aren't a threat to the UK any more apparently, but bloggers are. So are writers, academics, thinkers and any who don't accept the Party line.

Pol Pot took socialism to its logical conclusion. Gorgon and the EU are on that same road.

I don't think Cameron will stop it either.

Anonymous said...

Ah ha, the 'it's the law' ploy. That's getting to be a favourite with teachers. They get shirty when you make them quote chapter and verse.

Funnily enough, the fingerprint business happened here. It turned out that sprog had been finger printed without my permission or knowledge (not that either are necessary) THREE YEARS earlier but sprog didn't mention it.

Some parents challenged the head, who had to send a hurried letter admitting this had happened. The finger print kit was sold to the library on the argument that even the most vacant child usually manages to remember their fingers (unless they haven't got any) so the book checking is system. The use is confined to the library.

Today we got a note admitting that bar-code cards are available for 50p as an alternative for people who don't want to use fingerprints, so I'm sending a letter requiring them to confirm they have deleted ALL the records and especially anything capable of being read as an image, and 50p.

It is not so much that parents are complacent as they either don't understand the implications or they aren't told, or they are too frightened to challenge the head, whose cooperation they may need later.

Mr Eugenides said...

As if anyone gives a shit about the children of MPs. Why would we? Everyone knows where we can find them; showing up at the Palace of Westminster on the third last day of every month to pick up their fucking payslips.

Honestly, the egregious self-importance of these people.

Dr Evil said...

They are evil. They despise us and hate us. See how they plan to hurt motorists, which is most people, by a post code pay as you drive system. Now, over a million of us signed a petition against road pricing re pay as you drive. But this bunch of retards are simply not listening. Thank (insert deity name) that this bunch of tossers will soon be out of office and replaced with another bunch of almost identical tossers.

Anonymous said...

They tried to implement this at my Mum's village primary school a couple of years ago: all kids had to get a thumbscan to be able to use the library. My Mum's in charge of IT at the school, so she ditched the plan. These kids were five fucking years old. Anyone else walking through each day just waiting to explode with anger?