Thursday, 11 June 2009


No: Brownwash!*

I see the Prime Mentalist has quashed the report that "clears" Shahid Malik, despite more revelations from the Barclaygraph.

Now why on earth would he want to suppress a report that shows how clean one of his GOATSE cabinet ministers is?

Could it possibly be that it doesn't exonerate him? Could it even be that it's uncovered something even worse?

Shahid, take your massaging chair and shove it up your fat, thieving arsehole. Oh, and fuck off.


*See what I did there?

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David Gillies said...

You run the risk of being tarred with the Nick Griffin brush if you point it out, but it's long been common knowledge that some of the murkier accretions of wheel-greasing and backstreet shenanigans in Labour circles are to be found in the large metropolitan areas of the North East. Hercules himself would blanch at the Augean task of flushing the filth out of West Yorks town halls.